Children's Hospital Colorado

COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Information

Throughout March, Children’s Hospital Colorado has been providing COVID-19 vaccinations via rolling invites to our eligible shared patients as part of Phase 1B.3 and Phase 1B.4. These phases included patients 16 years and older with high-risk medical conditions (as identified by the State). Vaccine appointments are still available for these patients. Patients can check MyChart for the invitation to schedule an appointment.

Phase 2: Vaccinating all Coloradans 16 and older

Gov. Polis recently announced that Phase 2 of the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 vaccination plan begins on Friday, April 2 and will include all Coloradans ages 16 and older.

Since December, Children’s Colorado has not been what is known as a “public provider” of the vaccine — that is, a place where anyone and everyone from a current eligibility phase can make an appointment to receive the vaccine. Instead, we’ve focused on our organizational mission areas by vaccinating a targeted portion of our community (largely educators and community providers), our team members and patients, most recently including legally authorized representatives of our highest-risk children.

In keeping with Children’s Colorado’s role as a health leader in our community, we have transitioned our vaccination clinic to serve our broader community of kids and families. Children’s Colorado has implemented a new web portal system that enables members of the community age 16 and older to express interest in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at our clinics located at our Anschutz Campus in Aurora and the Colorado Springs Hospital Campus.

COVID-19 vaccine appointments

Shared patients with an active Children’s Colorado MyChart Account

During Phase 2, patients ages 16 and older who have an active Children’s Colorado MyChart account will continue to receive an invite to schedule a vaccine through MyChart. Patients must ensure they have activated their MyChart account so they can receive this message.

Because many more patients are now eligible, it could be several weeks before all eligible patients are invited to schedule appointments. We add appointment slots to MyChart on a routine basis and based on the number of doses we receive from the State.

Community members and patients without MyChart

Children’s Colorado’s new web portal system for signing up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is live. During Phase 2, all Coloradans ages 16 or older are eligible to sign up for a vaccine through this new web portal. Instructions for families on how to get a COVID vaccine at Children’s Colorado can be found on our Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination at Children’s Colorado page. 

We have transitioned our vaccine clinic to solely offer the Pfizer vaccine. We intentionally did this, in partnership with the State of Colorado, because the Pfizer vaccine has FDA EUA for people 16 years of age and older and will be the first vaccine to (hopefully soon) gain EUA for children 12 to 15 years of age. 

Referral orders no longer needed

Now that the web portal is live, the referral order for the COVID vaccine has been removed from PedsConnect and Children’s Colorado Connect. Please direct your eligible patient families who are not on MyChart to the web portal to sign up for a COVID-19 appointment. 

Frequently asked patient vaccination questions

Can parents sign up their child for a vaccine if the child will be turning 16 within a few weeks? 

They must be 16 years or older on the day they sign up for a vaccine using the web portal.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine available to patients who qualify but who live out of state?

Yes, we will make the vaccine available to established Children’s Colorado shared patients from our seven-state region. 

Will there be child life support in the clinic?

Yes, we will have child life support in patient vaccine clinics.

Should patients wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they have had other vaccinations recently? 

More studies are needed to make sure the COVID-19 vaccines can be given at the same time as another vaccine without lowering the effectiveness of either of the vaccines. For now, the CDC is recommending that people not get any other vaccines in the 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. However, if someone accidentally gets the COVID-19 vaccine less than 2 weeks after getting another vaccine, they do not need to repeat that dose of either vaccination.

Will Children’s Colorado be participating in COVID-19 vaccine trials for children under 12?

Children’s Colorado is actively pursuing opportunities to participate in clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine in children. If there are opportunities for community participation in clinical trials, we will update our website. Learn more about the many pediatric research efforts taking place at Children's Colorado.

Where can my patients get more information about COVID-19 vaccines?

We recommend the following resources for patient families who want to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccine program at Children’s Colorado: