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Orthopedics Institute

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

A girl wearing a gray shirt and black pants holds a light blue medicine ball and balances on a half-ball while a man in a purple button-down shirt and khaki pants squats in front of her to support her.Sports Medicine Physical Therapy brings together clinicians and physical therapists to provide comprehensive care for young, active patients. The physical therapists at Children's Hospital Colorado offer:

  • Expertise in the unique conditions of the young, growing athlete
  • Motivation for the young athlete to appropriately continue their athletic activity
  • Guidance for the young athlete to heal and return to their sport

The therapy we provide focuses on parent and athlete education using home exercise programs, which encourages active involvement in recovery and awareness of injury prevention.

If an injury requires surgery, the physical therapist acts as a liaison between the surgeon and the family, reporting progress to the doctor on a regular basis.

Our therapy plans allow athletes to practice their rehabilitation exercises at their own schools and community recreation centers so that they can become independent in fitness programs that enhance their athletic performance and overall health.

Assessments for return to sports

Physical therapists at Children's Colorado are trained to screen injured athletes for a safe return to competition. Our therapists can also recommend the proper size and fit for safety gear required for participation in sports.

Sports medicine research

The sports medicine team reviews current research and is developing its own to help advance knowledge and share effective treatment with the community. We want young athletes to have access to resources to enhance their performance, ensure their well-being and return to their activities as quickly as possible.

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