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Clinical trial

Children's Hospital Colorado is actively seeking children to participate in a soy allergy research study lead by the experts in our Allergy Department.

Physician-diagnosed soy allergy. History of an allergic reaction or a positive blood or skin test to soy.


The allergy specialists at Children's Hospital Colorado are leaders in allergy research and treatments. In conjunction with the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Children’s Clinical Research Organization (CCRO), we provide professional education and knowledge advancement through research.

Our specialists are on the forefront of evaluating new methods of allergy testing and allergy treatment. Our researchers work to understand allergic and inflammatory reactions, and then seek new ways to safely regulate those responses. We have a variety of ongoing and upcoming allergy research studies. We conduct investigator-initiated studies, as well as sponsor-funded clinical trials for investigational treatments. 

Areas of Allergy Research

Frequently asked questions

Can my child participate in an allergy research study at Children's Colorado?

Before a child can participate in a research study, they must qualify. Research studies have specific inclusion and exclusion criteria that a participant must meet in order to qualify. Please browse our study pages. If you think that you may be eligible to participate in research, please call the study coordinator. Participating in research is always voluntary. 

What does it cost to participate in research?

There is no cost to participate in these studies. There is no charge for procedures or visits that are part of the research study, and investigational medications are provided at no cost. 

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions or think you may want to participate in an allergy research study, please contact 720-777-8886 or