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Our comprehensive Surgical Center at Children's Hospital Colorado offers the most innovative care for every surgical intervention, thanks to rigorous research initiatives designed to explore diagnostic and treatment approaches that will deliver the best possible outcomes for kids. Because our team is diverse — from a range of surgical specialties, to board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists, to respiratory therapists, child life specialists, pediatric nurses and more — our research efforts are, too.

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Craniofacial surgery experts at Children's Hospital Colorado are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized, data-driven models that improve treatment outcomes for children with craniosynostosis, a condition where skull sutures fuse prematurely, leading to skull malformation and other complications. Dr. Antonio Porras and his team employ AI-powered photogrammetry to generate accurate anatomical representations of a child's head, enabling earlier diagnosis of cranial abnormalities and prediction of their progression.

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Our current projects explore gene therapy, wound healing physiology, the diagnostic and treatment possibilities of big data and many more. We strive to develop and utilize treatment methods that minimize invasiveness and maximize benefit, continually pushing for better, more effective care. These advances not only help patients heal, they save lives.

"The Center for Children's Surgery has NIH-funded surgeon scientists researching all aspects of care, from the laboratory bench to the bedside."
Duncan Wilcox, MD

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