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Hypoxia-inducible factors may play a key role in treating partial bladder outlet obstruction.

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Research drives our mission to minimize interventions and maximize outcomes for our young patients. We continually work to make urological treatment — and our patients' lives — more comfortable.

What our urology research means for kids

While many childhood urological conditions are not life-threatening, all of them make a very real and often long-term impact on quality of life. Our research focuses on identifying and implementing new and better treatment practices — more effective, less invasive — with the goal of making life easier for kids, adolescents and even adults with urological conditions, here and around the nation. Read about just a few of our efforts below.

  • Pediatric urological surgeon Vijaya Vemulakonda, MD, works with researchers at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and Texas Children's Hospital to study treatments for infants diagnosed with hydronephrosis before birth.
  • As one of the only pediatric urologic oncologists in the nation, Nicholas Cost, MD, works within the Children's Oncology Group to spearhead research efforts to reduce the side effects of therapy in testicular, kidney and pelvic tumors while maximizing survival.
  • In collaboration with the Department of Pediatric Radiology and the Society for Fetal Urology, pediatric urological surgeon Jeffrey Campbell, MD, is working to refine prenatal imaging tests to identify urinary and genital organ irregularities at and before birth.

Translating from the lab to the bedside

We build our efforts at constant improvement on a foundation of individualized, compassionate care. Perhaps that's why our surgical complication rates are among the best in the nation, and why we consistently receive excellent patient experience scores.

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