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Multidisciplinary Child Health Research and Discoveries

Our practitioners devote their lives to researching, advancing and perfecting their specialties in pediatrics. But it’s not what they do alone that really counts. It’s what they do as a team. They work together as multidisciplinary teams to provide comprehensive clinical care and to advance the field of pediatrics through collaborative research and innovation.

Questions once asked within the silos of specific specialties are now more commonly being addressed across multidisciplinary planes. Through our multidisciplinary child health research efforts, our pediatric experts are pioneering innovative treatments and clinical discoveries that give all kids a chance at a healthier future.

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For the latest cutting-edge research, innovative collaborations and remarkable discoveries in child health, read stories from across all our areas of study in Q: Advances and Answers in Pediatric Health. 

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Multidisciplinary child health research advancements and discoveries

By combining research efforts across disciplines, our pediatric specialists are on the forefront of evaluating new methods of preventing, diagnosing, managing and treating a variety of pediatric diseases. We are also advancing clinical care through the development of effective clinical programs and approaches to care.

Examples of some of our multidisciplinary child health research and discoveries:

  • After identifying the proteins that trigger destruction of blood vessels in the heart and lungs, specialists from pulmonology, cardiology and intensive care are working to identify biomarkers that will help identify personalized medicine treatments for pulmonary hypertension in children.
  • Infectious disease and adolescent medicine experts have been involved in researching a long-acting injectable form of pre-exposure prophylaxis therapy, or PrEP, that has proven to be effective at preventing HIV infection in vulnerable populations.
  • Collaboration between infectious disease, primary care physicians and pharmacists led to the development of an effective antimicrobial stewardship program called Handshake Stewardship that has become a national model.

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