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Our breathing team conceives new ventilator care processes to improve patient outcomes amid promising advances toward curing bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

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When you come to the Breathing Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado, your child will receive the most up-to-date care possible. In addition to ensuring that our clinical care team is familiar with the newest proven treatment methods, we are also on the forefront of advancing knowledge around the diagnosis and treatment of breathing problems.

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Our team uses several types of research, including basic, translational and clinical research:

  • Basic research focuses on understanding things like the biological causes of a certain condition, such as interstitial lung diseases.
  • Translational research takes a scientific (or laboratory) idea and makes it applicable in a medical setting.
  • Clinical research involves testing things like new therapies, treatments or drugs with patients to see if they offer better outcomes than the current standard of care.

Discoveries and milestones

As one of the largest pediatric cystic fibrosis (CF) care centers in the country, we are leaders in CF research and a member of the Therapeutics Development Network, a nationwide group of nearly 80 CF research centers.

Dr. Scott Sagel and Dr. Edith Zemanick are currently leading studies on causes of infection and inflammation in the lungs of CF patients.

Dr. Frank Accurso was the head of the national clinical trial that led to FDA approval of Kalydeco, the first drug that treats the underlying causes of CF.  Approved on January 31, 2012, this drug is making a huge difference in the lives of patients around the country like six year old Dylan Fontana.

Current research efforts

We are currently doing research in several areas within the Breathing Institute, including:

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For more information on research in the Breathing Institute, call us at 720-777-6181.