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The Sports Therapy Field at Children’s Hospital Colorado

We care for patients’ growing muscles, joints and bones through sports medicine, surgery, rehabilitation and research.

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When a serious athlete gets injured, they’re focused on one thing: getting back in the game.

Our sports medicine team members get it. They want athletes to return to play quickly and safely with as little risk for reinjury as possible. That’s why we’ve created the optimal environment for competitive athletes to heal and return to sport – our sports therapy fields at Children’s Colorado, South Campus, Children’s Colorado, North Campus and Children’s Colorado, Colorado Springs Campus (Telstar).

Aerial view of the Sports Therapy Field at Children's Colorado's South Campus in Highlands Ranch

Our sports therapy fields and sports therapy gyms are reserved strictly for athletes, so they can partner with our team members to get back in the game stronger than before their injury.

About our sports therapy field

We support our athletes through every step of their sports rehabilitation journey, which is why we want to be there when an athlete is ready to practice their sport for the first time after an injury. Our sports therapy field allows us to do just that.

This multi-surface sports field includes a:

  • Court for basketball
  • Turf field for soccer, football or lacrosse
  • Track for running and agility work

By coaching our athletes through their first experience back on the field after an injury, we can watch athletes in action with a trained eye to help improve their technique and lessen their chance of reinjury.

What should I expect from my sports therapy field sessions?

Players typically begin to hit the field during the final stages of their recovery when they’re ready for more sport-specific motions. Just like other parts of the sports injury recovery process – we ease players back into their sport.

Our sports medicine physical therapists start with fundamental drills like moving in a straight line, or just side to side. Next they learn how to cut, pivot, change directions safely and with proper form, and eventually progress to more sport specific movements including reacting to other players. As many of our sports medicine team members are athletes themselves, they’ll often take on the role of a player’s opponent, so they can practice true to sport.

Why choose us for sports medicine care?

Though many young athletes look like adults, they’re not the same. Their bodies are different because their bones, muscles and ligaments are still growing and changing. The multidisciplinary team members of our Sports Medicine Program specialize in treating athletes who are still growing and developing as they recover from and manage an injury.

Here, the combination of pediatric sports medicine expertise, dedicated pediatric facilities and state-of-the-art technology at Children’s Colorado is unique in our region. Learn more about our Sports Medicine Center and how to book an appointment.