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Shin and Leg Conditions

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, our pediatric orthopedic experts treat all types of shin and leg conditions – from broken legs and shin splints, to bowed legs.

Close-up of the shins and legs of a person running

Common symptoms

Shin pain and shin splints
Shin pain is experienced on the front of the lower leg, below the knee and above the ankle. Shin pain and shin splints, frequently seen in young athletes, are treated by our Sports Medicine specialists.

Common conditions

Broken bones
Broken bones (also called bone fractures) are a common injury in kids, teens and young athletes. There are several different types of fractures, which affect the way doctors at Children’s Colorado will treat your child’s broken bone.

Bowed legs
Bowed legs is a common condition occurring in infants and toddlers. A child with bowed legs has a distinct space between the lower legs and knees that may be a result of either one or both of the legs curving outward. If your child’s bowleggedness does not correct itself as he or she grows, your primary care doctor may refer you to the Limb Deformity Program within our Orthopedics Institute.

Other shin and leg conditions

Because we diagnose and treat so many types of shin and leg symptoms and conditions – even the very rare ones – some of them might not be listed on this website. Please call us for more information or to schedule an appointment: 720-777-6600.

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