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Head and Neck Conditions

Our pediatric orthopedic specialists treat all types of head and neck conditions – from torticollis in infants, to concussion in children, teens and young athletes.

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Common conditions

A concussion is a mild injury to the brain that temporarily disrupts how the brain normally works. Serious problems after a concussion are rare, but can occur. For this reason, our Concussion Program evaluates and treats kids and young athletes who have sustained concussions and other types of mild brain injuries from sports or trauma.

Congenital torticollis is a muscular problem that can happen when a baby is born. The muscle on one side of the neck is tight and causes the head to tilt to that side. Our neck and spine experts give parents specific exercises and suggestions to stretch your baby’s muscles to help relieve infant torticollis, which usually goes away on its own.

Torticollis, or a “twisted neck,” isn’t only seen in babies – it can also happen to kids and adults after a bad night’s sleep or an uncomfortable position. Although uncomfortable, torticollis is usually nothing to worry about and goes away in a couple days with rest and relaxation.

Other head and neck conditions

Because we diagnose and treat so many types of head and neck symptoms and conditions – even the very rare ones – some of them might not be listed on this website. Please call us for information or to schedule an appointment: 720-777-6600.

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